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Gamers Wanted was founded by Sharky Welker to provide the computer gaming public with alternate, unbiased, and factual information about the gaming industry and the products that the industry produces. Gamers Wanted strives to achieve the goal of being every computer gamer's one-stop shop for their daily dose of computer gaming news. Gamers Wanted is a solely owned online publication with no ties to any game developer, game publisher or hardware developer. Gamers Wanted will stay financially independent to prevent the possibility of being forced to give our readers good impressions of a bad product.

The team members that were assembled for this venture consist of only hardcore gamers from all walks of life and age groups. Every member that was accepted as a Gamers Wanted team member have undergone an intensive screening procedure. This ensures Gamers Wanted's capability to provide only the best quality information to our readers. Each and every one of Gamers Wanted's team members are very passionate about their computer gaming hobbies in various genres, and understand the frustrations that every gamer, casual or hardcore, faces every time they spend their money on a bad product after reading a good review from publications with advertising in mind over consumer interest.


We are in need of help writing reviews, updating the site and all that cool stuff. If you're interested in helping us out, then please contact Sharky Welker for more information.


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